Residential / Commercial Projects:

The architectural practice offers over 20 years of experience dealing with a wide range of residential and commercial level building projects.  Architectural projects are handled on a one-on-one basis with the client from the concept stage thru to the completion of the construction phase. Both hand drawn and computer applications are available for preparing architectural drawings.  The finalized “ready for construction” product will normally include full engineering services depending on the size and scope of the project.  

Architectural Projects include:

  • Commercial Development
  • Institutional  (Nursing Homes & Assisted Living)
  • Multi-Family Residential Development
  • Single-Family Residence

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d Worcester Boys Club, Res Multi-Fam Development - Worcestor Ma (2012)
4-Story Historic building converted to 30 dwelling units, located within Historic Lincoln Square.
d Brick Mill Studios, Res Multi-Fam Development - New Bedford, Ma
(Located at 75 David Street)
3-Story Mill Building conversion to 116 dwelling units, which will include a mix of market rate Apartments, artist live/work units and commercial space.
d Victoria Riverside, Res Multi-Fam Development - New Bedford, Ma (2011)
(Formerly known as Whitman Mills)
2 1/2-story Mill Building conversion to 100 loft style dwelling units with underground parking and a landscaped park located along the Acusnet River.
d Wamsutta Place, Res Multi-Fam Development - New Bedford, Ma (2010)
(Formerly known as Wamsutta Mills)
5-story Mill Building conversion to 250 dwelling units with underground parking, a museum, office space and atriums.
d Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Boston - Quincy Ma (2011)
Existing building conversion and build-out for a church, which will provide parishioners a new home for the Chinese community. Common spaces include a main sanctuary, community room, library and classrooms.
d Avon Freezer - 55 Murphy Drive - Avon, MA
A fire damaged reconstruction project which included the installation of a Quell fire sprinkler system.

d Patriot Ledger Building – Quincy, MA   
13-17 Temple Street – Quincy Square
24,000 S. F. (renovation) – includes base building and tenant fit-up.
Tenants: BayState Community Services & Quincy College – School of Nursing
d Woolworth Building – Quincy, MA   
Corner of Hancock & Cliveden Streets – Quincy Square
37,000 S. F. (renovation) – Tenants:  Landmark &  MA School of Barbering
d Maloney Seafood Corporation – Quincy, MA  
350 Copeland Street
7,000 S. F. - New 3-story Office Building
d Village @ Bay Pointe -  Quincy, MA (2008)
39 New townhomes consisting of nine buildings adjacent to the Quincy Shipyard. Client:  Chubbuck Realty Trust, Quincy, MA  
d 77 Glades Road Condominiums – Scituate (Minot), MA
4-story Duplex condominiums with panoramic views to the ocean.
d SouthPoint Condominiums – Quincy, MA  
East Howard Street & Bower Road
21- Cape style townhouse development.
d Elm Street Condominiums – Quincy, MA   
Elm Street – Quincy Center
6-unit condominium development.
d Wellfleet Condominiums – N. Quincy, MA   
Corner of E. Squantum & Bayfield Streets
5- Cape style townhouse development.
d Arnold Farm Estates – Braintree, MA
7-lot subdivision – individual custom single-family residences
  Town Brook House, Facade upgrades - Quincy, MA
Window & door replacement project funding through MHFA for an existing highrise elderly housing complex.
  Wild Willy's Restaurant - Washington Street, Quincy Ma (2012)
Existing building conversion and build-out for a 100-seat eatery with a unique old western style decor theme and menu.
  Winn Management projects – Dorchester, MA
Selective renovations at the following residential facilities: 
Washington Park Apartments, Codman Square Apartments,
Columbian Road Apartments & Latin Academy Apartments 
  Nightclub @ 85 VFW Drive – Rockland, MA
Combination renovation & new construction. 
Multi-use project includes Nightclub, Coffee Shop & Pet Care Shop
  Totman Street Office Building – Quincy, MA   
10,000 S.F. 2-story office building – new construction.
  Baystate Reprographics – Quincy, MA   
180 Willard Street
New 2-story Office Building
  Jennifer Condominiums – Market St. Rockland, MA
8 New townhomes (2 buildings) adjacent with views to Harmons Golf Course.
  537 Sea Street Condominiums – Quincy, MA   
Corner of Sea & Palmer Streets
4-unit condominium development.

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